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FAQS - Sheriff Sales

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions on Sheriff Sales.

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Are the appraisals accurate?
Can I enter the property before I bid?
Can I operate the movable before I bid?
Does the Sheriff guarantee a clear title to the property?
How do I bid?
How many days does it take before a foreclosed property goes to auction?
If the property is occupied, how do I evict the occupants after the sale?
Must I bring the entire cash amount to the auction?
What are movables?
What are the usual costs of foreclosure?
What does it mean when a property is sold with appraisal?
What is a Writ Amount?
What is the minimum opening bid?
When and where is the auction held?
When must I pay the balance due?
When will I receive the property deed?
Where can I locate the movable items for sale?