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Chief Ciji Marks

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Jessica Schilling

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Latonyette Wilson

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April Roberts

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Suzonne Jenkins

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The criminal division of W.P.S.O., processes all paperwork associated with court orders and civil warrants, which includes suits on open notes, primarily for mortgage payments, and orders pertaining to felony charges and child custody transfers.

This division also handles the processing of all criminal and civil subpoenas in Washington Parish and handles all the paperwork associated with movable and immovable property seizures.

Also, all Sheriff¹s Sales are under the direction of the Civil Processing Division. the Washington Parish Sheriff¹s Office handles an average of 50 Sheriff¹s sales per month. This division handles other seizures, including garnishments and evictions. They are responsible for preparing seizure notices and distributing them to the Paper  Service deputies to be served. They schedule the Sheriff¹s sales, advertise them in the newspaper and hold them on the designated dates.

This division also handles collections of Parish Traffic Tickets, Misdemeanor and felony court fines ordered by the court, and processing traffic bench warrants for collections.

Once these funds are collected by the Sheriff's Office the funds are then disbursed to numerous agencies.