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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

Are the appraisals accurate?
Can I enter the property before I bid?
Can I operate the movable before I bid?
Do I have a warrant?
Does the Sheriff guarantee a clear title to the property?
How do I apply for a position with WP Sheriff's Office?
How do I apply for the position of Reserve Deputy Sheriff?
How do I bid?
How do I find out the status of my case? How do I give additional information on my case?
How do I get bond info or visitation?
How do I mail something to the WPSO Administration Office?
How do I order a police report?
How do I order an accident report?
How do I report the activity of Illegal Aliens/Smuggling?
How do I research Sex Offenders living in my community?
How many days does it take before a foreclosed property goes to auction?
I am the victim of internet fraud. How do I make a complaint?
I know a certain person has a warrant for his/her arrest and I know where they can be found.
I loaned my personal property to someone and they are refusing to return it. Who do I call?
I need to be fingerprinted for a job or other reason. Does Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office do public fingerprinting?
I want to know if someone has been served an order of protection I filed. Who do I call?
I wish to obtain a burn permit. What steps do I take?
I would like to file a complaint on a Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office employee. How do I do that?
I've missed some payments on my court-ordered fine and I probably have a warrant. How do I take care of it without being arrested?
If the property is occupied, how do I evict the occupants after the sale?
Must I bring the entire cash amount to the auction?
Someone I know was just arrested in Washington Parish. Who/where do I call to find out where they were taken?
What are movables?
What are the usual costs of foreclosure?
What do I do when I see an emergency vehicle running code (lights and siren) behind me?
What does it mean when a property is sold with appraisal?
What is a Writ Amount?
What is the minimum opening bid?
What type of activity should I report?
When and where is the auction held?
When must I pay the balance due?
When will I receive the property deed?
Where can I locate the movable items for sale?
Where do I get info on court dates or location?
Where do I register as a Sex Offender?
Why do they send a deputy even though I called back and told them everything was okay?
Why does the operator keep asking me questions? If they just sent a deputy, they would find out all they need to know.